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Magna carta et cetera antiqua statuta ... London: Thomas Marshe, 1556.
Beale S15; STC 9277

Beale S15 was printed by Thomas Marshe, a London printer in Fleet Street from 1554 until about 1587. According to Joseph Beale, "[h]e used no woodcuts or devices in his law books, but used a border which had been used by Petyt."(1)

This Magna Carta is bound with Beale S23, an edition of Secunda pars veterum statutorum with separate title page and register. This edition of Magna Carta is a revised edition of Thomas Berthelet's 1531 printing of Magna Carta (Beale S9).(2)

The Law Library acquired this volume from Sweet and Maxwell in 1937.


Title page Colophon

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