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Magna carta cvm aliis antiqvis statvtis, qvorvm catalogvm, in fine operis reperies. London: Thomas Berthelet, 1540.
Beale S12; STC 9274

Printed by Thomas Berthelet (see S9), this copy of Magna Carta is bound with two other titles: The Abridgement of the Boke of Assises (1555) and the Secunda Pars veterum statutorum (1540). Each title has its own title page and colophon.

There are corresponding nail holes through the edges of the front and back covers, suggesting previous ties. A small piece of a medieval vellum manuscript, often used in the period to line a book's spine, is visible between the cover and flyleaf.


Manuscript fragment as binding waste Title page, Abridgement of the Boke of Assises Title page, Magna Carta Colophon, Magna Carta