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Magna Carta, cum aliis antiquis statutis ... London: Thomas Berthelet, 1531.
Beale S9; STC 9271

This is the first of printer Thomas Berthelet's two editions of Magna Carta. Berthelet succeeded Pynson as the royal printer on Pynson's death in 1530 and remained in that role until the end of Henry VIII's reign (1547). Berthelet's work has been described as "neat and tasteful."(1) It has been speculated that Berthelet was an apprentice to Richard Pynson (printer of S4 and S5), though without conclusive evidence.(2) 

The simple and elegant title page of Berthelet's volume shows an architectural woodcut border. On the inside of the back cover is a book plate with the coat of arms of the Scottish clan Gordon.

This volume was acquired by Arthur Pulling in 1934.


Title Page Coat of arms Colophon

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