University of Minnesota

Magna Carta. London: Richard Pynson, 1519.
Beale S5; STC 9268

The Library's second copy of Magna Carta comes from the third printed edition, also produced by Pynson's press. There is no title page, but a calendar is printed in red and black at front. The folio opposite the colophon is covered in handwritten notes, and Pynson's device is included at the end of the volume.(1)

The volume was purchased in 1930 by Arthur C. Pulling, the Law Librarian from 1912 to 1942, after whom the Library's Rare Book Collection is named.


Bookplate Calendar Writing on leaf Magna Carta Printer’s device

1. Device 32 b in Ronald McKerrow, Printers' & Publishers' Devices in England & Scotland, 1485-1640 (London: Chiswick Press, 1913), 12.