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The boke of Magna Carta, with diuers other statutes, whose names appere in the nexte lefe folowynge, translated into Englyshe. London: Robert Redman, 1534.
Beale S10; STC 9272   

The edition represents the first time the Charter appeared in English rather than Latin. It was translated by George Ferrers (c. 1510-1579), a servant of Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII, and later member of Parliament.

The printer is Robert Redman (d. 1540). In competition with Richard Pynson, Redman adopted a printer's device strikingly similar to Pynson's, and printed works that Pynson typically printed.(1) The two printers feuded, with a derisive Pynson calling Redman "Rudeman." Redman took over Pynson's business and printing type after the latter's death.(2)

One of the owners of the volume, Henry Roscoe (1800-1836), was an English lawyer, legal writer, and biographer, who wrote several treatises on evidence.(3) Another former owner, Hubert Hutchings, is found listed in Joseph Foster's Men at the Bar. Hutchings, a student of the Middle Temple in February 1835, was called to the bar May 4, 1838.(4)

The Law Library acquired this volume in 1936.


Title Page Flyleaf Table of statutes Colophon Printer's Device

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