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Title page of 'Starr's History of the Cherokee Indians' signed by Rennard Strikland, April 3, 2003

This is a reprint of the 1921 edition of Emmet Starr's History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. The editors wrote in the preface to the 1967 reprint: "Emmet Starr was the Cherokee historian for all times. He performed one of the greatest services possible for the Cherokee people. Sequoyah, it is said, gave his people 'talking leaves' [a written language]. Starr gave his people a recorded history."






Starr's History of the Cherokee Indians. Indian Heritage Edition. Edited by Jack Gregory and Rennard Strickland.
Fayetteville, Ark,1967.


The Law Library's copy of Starr's History of the Cherokee Indians was presented by Rennard Strickland when he delivered the Inaugural Lecture of the University of Minnesota Law Library Distinguished Lecturer Series, April 3, 2003.