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Clarence Darrow to Pauline Wolinski, Apr 11, 1935

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April 11, 1935

Dear Mr. Darrow:

I am gathering for publication in article or book from the views of outstanding men and women of contemporary America, on the following subject;

"Do you believe that the State should be permitted to give a painless death (euthanasia) to incurables whose physical suffering is unbearable to themselves?"

May I say that I have been working with Rev. John Haynes Holmes, Minister of the Community Church, for the past seven and one-half years, in a secretarial capacity, and that he has expressed his interest in this undertaking and has given me his statement as a contribution to the proposed symposium. I am using his name in this connection with his kind permission.

Among others to whom I am writing at this time are Zona Gale, Judge Ben Lindsay, Dr. Morris Fishbein, Lincoln Steffens, Helen Keller, etc.

Since this is my first venture at editing, I would greatly appreciate your kind cooperation by sending to me your opinion on the question submitted in a statement of not more than 1000 words.

Thanking you for your attention, I am

Very sincerely yours,

Pauline Wolinski

Of course I believe that it should. Everyone would feel the same if it was not for their belief in some cruel religious creed.

Very truly

Clarence Darrow