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Clarence Darrow to Professor Forrest R. Black, May 28, ????

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May 28 th

My Dear Mr. Black

I am sending you the photograph you asked for. Shall go to Kentucky about 10th of June. Sorry you won't be there I expected to spend a day or two with you and Andrew. It may be though that I can get down to Ohio this summer, if it isn't too far from the main line. I am glad that your story is to appear in 'Vanity Fair'. I don't know whether we can make any impression on the idiots who talk about repealing the 18th Amendment or not. I am trying to figure out a hot one for them. Do you know anything about what courts have held as to whether the question of whether a drink is intoxicating is a question of law or fact. I presume it is both, or at least has been decided in different ways. If courts have decided that certain liquor is intoxicating and that courts will take judicial notice of it – do you know what they have

Decided on the question?

I forgot to tell you that I liked your poem on "The Cocktail". It was good stuff. You are probably a low brow in spite of the fact that you are a college professor. I am beginning to feel sorry for your poor wife

Your friend

Clarence Darrow