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Clarence Darrow to Nelson Hyde, May 21, 1881

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Mr. Hyde
Dr. Sir

I wrote you at New Lyme this morning but I see by Pettibone's dispatch that you are at Jeff. [Jefferson, Ohio]. My wife was taken very sick & I did not dare leave her or I should be over there today. I got notice today that ____ by ____ would make a motion to dismiss Heath's attachment tomorrow at 2pm, of course it is done to let ____ claim in ahead. His grounds were first insufficient affidavit 2nd [affidavit] not true. Of course if the first existed it could be remedied if you know the evidence or surrounding the second . I can not leave my wife and go to New Lyme tomorrow so I will be obliged to get a few days continuance of the case & will trust you [cared] that no advantage is taken of Heath in my absence. Of course [amicus] mention is made simply to get ____

claim ahead ____ he has made no more in Randolph's case.

I would grant continuance in Randolph's case to accommodate you or Pettibone if it would not hurt Randolph's interest by narrowing it over time of sale of real estate.

Very truly,
C. S. Darrow

I see you are before the grand jury