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Paul Darrow to Irving Stone, October 13, 1941

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October 13, 1941

Mr. Irving Stone

Encino, California

Dear Irving:

I have the book "CLARENCE DARROW FOR THE DEFENSE" and have just started reading it. The first few pages read very well. Farther on from what some of the family have told me I am afraid I will not like it. The first thing I did was to read through the section "Sources" and check over the ones which originate with me. There are two statements which I did not make and which I am afraid are sufficiently dangerous to make potential trouble.

On Page 21 referring to James Roberts, you wind up the second paragraph "and abscounded with the lawbooks Jessie had bought her husband". I never have heard any information of this kind and I do not believe it is true.

On Page 179 referring to the Bank of America I am presumed to say "Then the officers started grafting and putting in bad loans.". This is incorrect. Two of the officers and one of the directors put in bad loans. The other officers so far as I know did nothing of this kind. At least one of the officers furnished very valuable information which prevented additional loss to the stockholders. I never had any intimation that any officers were "grafting".

Since these are very dangerous statements to make even though nothing may be heard from them on account of lapse of time, I think it best to advise you. I have written in like tenor to Doubleday, Doran and Maurice Berkson for if trouble should arise in the future, I want it distinctly understood that I would not testify to the facts as you have given them.

I am sorry, too, that I did not have a chance to read this before it was printed. I could have saved many errors which the family has called to my attention so far. However, with the exceptions noted above the errors I have seen are not serious.

With best wishes, I am

Very truly yours

P E Darrow