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Irving Stone to Paul Darrow, January 16, 1941

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January 16, 1941

Dear Paul Darrow:

I think you will be pleased to hear that I have the Scopes chapter down on paper, though of course there still remains a good deal of work in organizing the material for dramatic presentation. I will be starting work on the Sweet case in a few days. This will indicate to you that the biography of your father is coming along in good shape.

Doubleday Doran and Co. are beginning to become very much excited about the publication of the Clarence Darrow biography, and have already begun to ask me about the illustrations. I know that you have a wealth of pictures, not only of Mr. Darrow, but also of yourself and your mother and of Mr. Darrow's brothers and sisters. Each picture or photograph should have one of your notes attached to it, giving very clearly the time, the place and the names of everyone represented in the picture. Please do not exercise toomuch editorial elimination of pictures, but let Doubleday see nearly everything you have, and do their own choosing. Will you let me know how soon you can start to assemble these pictures?

With love to family

Irving Stone