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Irving Stone to Paul Darrow, March 29, 1940

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March 29, 1940

Dear Paul:

Would you do me the favor of writing to William O. Thompson, and asking him to please write me a letter, telling me his memories of his early days with Mr. Darrow, and their association in law? He will do it for you because he loves you. I am trying to make Ruby understand that what happened in 1934 between Mr Darrow and Thompson has nothing to do with their relationship in 1900.

Also, if you still are friendly with Edgar Lee Masters, Hotel Chelsea, N.Y.C. you might drop him a line and tell him to please answer my urgent request for material.

The book is coming at an accelerated rate now, and Mrs Stone (who is my editor) says it is going to be the best book I have written. I hope so.

My love to your family, and to sweet Mary.