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Jacob C. Lutz to Paul Darrow, April 25, 1912

The reference to Ensign could be to Charles B. Ensign (1860 - 1942) or his brother, Adelbert L. Ensign or to their firm, C. B. Ensign & Co. The Ensign firm, based in Chicago, was used by Clarence Darrow and his son as an investment bank for their Greeley Gas & Fuel Company in Colorado.

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A. G. Perry, President      J. C. Lutz, Vice President   F.L. Root, Cashier
No, 9406
The First National Bank
Capital $ 25,000??

Gardner, Ill. April 25 1912

Mr. Paul E. Darrow

Greeley Colo -

Dear Mr. Darrow:

Yours at hand in reference to bonds. We have # 1 & 2, 15 to 19 inc. and 45 to 50 inc.

I wrote your father shortly after indictment but have had no reply - Do not suppose he feels like writing until he is cleared which I fully believe and trust he will be.

Yours truly

J. C. Lutz