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Jacob C. Lutz to Clarence Darrow, February 4, 1908

The reference to Ensign could be to Charles B. Ensign (1860 - 1942) or his brother, Adelbert L. Ensign or to their firm, C. B. Ensign & Co. The Ensign firm, based in Chicago, was used by Clarence Darrow and his son as an investment bank for their Greeley Gas & Fuel Company in Colorado.

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Feby 4/08

Friend Darrow

Mr. Harper came here and has been helping me temporarily, He could not do much as he has helped me to the extent of 24000 00 and can not do more, without risking himself. I wired you yesterday not to start Tuesday, but to be ready to come. Come as soon as you are safe to do so — the sooner the better -

Black Mountain sold last Friday at 5 00 but the next day I think the Company put the stock on the Market that was not fully paid for (same as yours) and on selling about 8000 shares the stock went below 4 00 , but today it is selling again at 4 3/8 - I think they are still selling partly paid Treasury Stock - How much they have I do not know

I am quite sure that yours which they have has not been endorsed, and they have no Collateral Note I am of the opinion they can do nothing with it, only to sue you and it would take some time to get judgement -

I am sure the property is right and the stock will be valuable but I am afraid I can not hold it, I am doing the best I can to save it -

Please tell Mrs Darrow not to direct letters to "Honorable J. C Lutz" - I have no money and if I dont go through this successfully, I would be branded as dishonest and will be always so remembered - and there will be a stigma on them my children for all time - they could not remain in Gardner

where they were born and raised, and I doubt if my son would not be killed there - He certainly could not live there and where could he go? If he went penniless, they would always insist that he had stolen -

I have temporary relief that is I have provided for more time but not much

My Bank refuses to take Black Mountain as Collateral but they have all my stock now -

I have confidence you could assist if you was here the letters you wrote to Walling, Ensign and others could do no good but might be of much harm so I did not deliver them - and on reflection I think

you will be glad that I did not -

I have temporary relief that is I have provided for more time but not much

The Thompson deal was no good, after exacting so much as security he laid stress on the time of payment which was Apl 25 th

While you said he would not crowd us and carry the loan along


J.C. Lutz