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Mary Elizabeth Darrow to Catherine Donahue Darrow, July 6, 1904

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Hanover, N.H. July 6,

Dear Kate

This is a beautiful bright morning, cool and fresh like all the mornings here. In fact we have not had a hot day nor a day too warm. I have been just - resting and collecting my scattered wits. I begin to feel like work of some sort again and I may stay here for two or three weeks in the summer school and I may go on to Kinsman before long.

I got a glimpse of you at the graduation exercises and were was very glad to see that you had a good seat. I was sorry that I could not get over to see you but it was impossible and I was sorry too that I was not at home the afternoon you were at Everett's.

I hope Mrs. Wright is feeling better

and that you do not have to look after her so much.

I have not heard from home since I left - but - I shall probably get - a letter to-day.

Monday noon I hared there has been a terrible accident - on a Sunday St. Louis train and I was so frightened and anxious the rest - of the day - until I could get - particulars. I knew Everett's were coming home Sunday & I feared Clarence might be going on Sunday. It seems shameful that such disasters can occur. I suppose Pauline is gone by this time and that - [ ?] is alone. I am some expecting her here to go on to the coast. Jessie & Paul will probably get to Chicago to-day or to-morrow as they left here for Quebec Montreal on Saturday. I presume Jennie

will feel a little lonely without Mr. Moore. Only the guinea pigs to keep her company.

It seems a long time to me since I left - Chicago. I have made no acquaintances here as I have felt- too tired to talk.

If you do not-have plenty of money let - us know as we wish you to have enough so you have nothing to worry about. I am hoping that - your sister will decide to come back to Chicago and stay next winter. I know you must - feel lonely and I wish you would try to go out as much as possible.

With-much love -

Mary Darrow Olson

Mrs. Catharine Darrow
6453 Minerva Ave. Chicago

Chicago, Ill.
10 - PM