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Mary Elizabeth Darrow to Unknown, June 29, 1884

In addition to Clarence, Jennie Darrow had five brothers: Edward Everett, Channing, Hubert, Herman, and Herbert. It is not known if this letter was written to Everett, Channing, Hubert, or Herman. (Herbert died in 1857)

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Youngstown Ohio.
June 29, 1884.

Dear Brother,

Rec'd. your letter yesterday. I thought you would be interested to know what we were about to do with - regard to moving. We went-out-yesterday morning to look at-some houses and found one that I am perfectly charmed with. It-is an East Federal Bl.-down nearby to the Depot; we only are to pay $16. rent- and father will probably be able to rent two back rooms to Ester and her husband for $5-

The house is a great deal farther back from the street than the one where we live now and it is in a beautiful yard it -is a regular old fashioned country place with - the rooms all newly papered and everything convenient

I would much rather have it- than any place we saw at $25, per month; because it- is so quiet and shady. We are going to move tomorrow. I hope you will come home by next-week- we shall be settled by that time and i know you will enjoy living there through the summer. Let- me know when you will come and Clarence and Jessie want to come down then. Hubert does not- expect- to come home this summer.

There is no news-

Your sister.

Mary E. Darrow.