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J. Howard Moore to Henry S Salt, October 07, 1911

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Image 1 of letter from   Howard J. Moore to   Henry S Salt

My Dear Mr. Salt —

Your splendid photograph received — together with your good letter. The photograph I keep on my dresser & admire & love it every day.
Will you please send me a copy of your "Animals' Rights". My copy seems to have gotten away
Image 2 of letter from   Howard J. Moore to   Henry S Salt
from me. I loaned it, I suppose, & the borrower liked it so well he just kept it. I'll send you a check for $1 00. I don't remember the exact price now. that was a splendid article you had in the London paper. it expressed a truth that I have often thought myself. I am sending you under separate cover an article on Humanitarianism in the schools, together with the law which called it forth.

Chicago 10/7

J. Howard Moore