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J. Howard Moore to Henry S Salt, April 14, 1910

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Image 1 of letter from   Howard J. Moore to   Henry S Salt

Chicago 4 /14 1910

My Dear Mr. Salt —

I don't believe J. W. Lloyd is worth the ammunition necessary to blow his poor brains out. Nobody reads him over here, so far as I know, except a few snake dancers in his immediate circle.
I sent you today a copy of "Arbor & Bird Day" — a pam-
Image 2 of letter from   Howard J. Moore to   Henry S Salt

phlet gotten out by our State Dept. of schools I sent to each teacher of the State of Illinois. It's a pretty good thing, I think.
You are perhaps wise in transferring your editorial emphasis from The Quarterly to the blessed little Humanitarian.
I'm going Saturday morning for a two weeks trip to the Carolina highland.
Your Brother J. Howard Moore