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J. Howard Moore to Henry S Salt, January 11, 1907

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Image 1 of letter from   Howard J. Moore to   Henry S Salt
J. Howard Moore

10/11 1907

My Dear Mr. Salt —

It has been a long time since an envelope came into my mail-box with your well-known handwriting on the outside of it & the well-loved lines within. Our lives are so full & busy, we cannot speak to each other as often as we think & feel. As often as I can, I try to snatch a little while from duty & steal away somewhere in some
Image 2 of letter from   Howard J. Moore to   Henry S Salt

dreamy place & meditate alone. And in these musing times, my thoughts often go over the sea — & I think of you. there may be considerable stretches of time when I do not write to you, but there will never be very long at a time as long as I am conscious where I shall not think of you & love you & admire you & wish for the success of the many humanitarian enterprises with which you are connected. I often think how much my life would be impoverished if I did not know you & Mr. Bell. You are both so intelligent, so unusual, so devoted to terrestrial amelioration. The simple fact that you are in the same world with me is to me a great consolation & [ ?]. You realize, don't you Mr. Salt, that you are performing a unique & splendid function in this world? You are
Image 3 of letter from   Howard J. Moore to   Henry S Salt
producing an enormous effect — & one that no one else perhaps has the courage & ability to produce. There is only one Henry S. Salt in this world.
I get your little paper every month — The Humantarian. It makes up to some extent for the letters which you do not have time to write.
The Humanitarian movement over here is growing rapidly — the vegetarian idea especially so. On a few mornings ago
Image 4 of letter from   Howard J. Moore to   Henry S Salt

there was a excellent editorial in our most widely-read paper here actually advocating a meatless diet for humane reasons. When the Physical Culture Movement (if you know what that means) is having a strong & wide influence. We have now here in Chicago four vegetarian restaurants that serve together many hundreds of people daily. Dr. J. H. Kellogg & his fine sanitariums [ ?] too a
Image 5 of letter from   Howard J. Moore to   Henry S Salt

splendid influence. Below & back of it all, or of much of it, is the doctrine of evolution which is mellowing & preparing the minds of men for new ethical standards. It gives one heart, doesn't it, when one can see the world growing better in ways in which it has been so far & so fearfully wrong.
I am sending you by this mail a copy of a picture taken this summer near where we spent our vacation — Lake Placid, in the Adirondack Mountains. The picture is poor, but you can get some idea of the [ ?] attractions of the place