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J. Howard Moore to Henry S Salt, April 20, 1906

"The Logic of Vegetarianism," by Henry Salt, 2d ed., rev., was published in London in 1906.

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Image 1 of letter from   Howard J. Moore to   Henry S Salt
My Dear Mr. Salt--

I think of 53 [Chancery ?] Lane as a sort of divine abattoir where the opponents of righteousness on this earth are scientifically slaughtered I have just finished re-reading your incomparable little book on "The Logic of Vegetarianism"x It is the best thing on this subject in existence —bold, brilliant, manysided, unanswerablex I am glad you are on earthx If it were not
Image 2 of letter from   Howard J. Moore to   Henry S Salt
for a very few souls like you, this world would would seem to me are intellectual solitudex Fight on, my noble Brotherx Your sword is from the army of heavenx You'll never be paid nor properly properly appreciated for what you are doing. But you know I admire & love youx Your little book is capable of laying low kingdoms of [ ?]x You are Kind to send me a copy of the pretty new editionx

Always yours

J. Howard Moore

Chicago 4/20