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J. Howard Moore to Henry Salt, November 1, 1903

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My Dear Mr. Salt -

I have been reading your " Shelley " all the forenoon. I just stopped with the dead poet there on the lonely Italian sands. It is a great book. How powerfully your write! It is a noble defense of a great & holy character Shelley was such a prophet - so consistent & illuminated in mind & He was one of those rare being that might be called a universal reformer .

I want to thank you for sending me the book. I shall pass it around.

I am glad you met Mr. Darrow when he was in London - & I am especially glad heme you. He has just got back. I have not yet talked with him, but I understand he liked you better than any one else he met while away.

I will thank you again for your excellent book. It is a great honor to me to be allowed to Know you

Always Yours

Howard Moore

6260 Jackson Park Avenue
Chicago, Nov 1
1 30 AM

Mr. Henry S. Salt

Secy. Humanitarian League