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Hubert Darrow to Mary Darrow Olson, June 26, 1902

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The Dixie Musical Agency,

524 Gravier Street,

We Sell, Rent or Furnish everything in the Line of Music

New Orleans, June 26 th 1902

Dear Sister -

I wrote Everett yesterday about circumstances here. For about 2 weeks have had quite a serious looseness of bowels and am now lying perfectly quiet as far as physical exercise is concerned except a little walking in the evg. Am taking only boiled milk now and if there is anything I really dote on it is boiled milk. Do not suffer a great deal but I have so much on hand to do, that it is exceedingly annoying to be housed up.

Have about 12 desks here which I could get out and sell but am not able now even if it were cool. I have no doctor as none of them ever have been able to do the right thing, except perhaps Dr. Taylor in Thomasville and I have had some of his pres. powders put up today.

Mr. Brown and I have sent out so far about 1500 postal and are getting 2000 circular letters printed on this kind letter head. We have one order now

for set of band visits that will about pay expense to date if it goes through. We only act as Mus Agency for such firms as Carl Fischer or New York – The Juo Church Co "The Boston Mus Inst Manf" All commissions are accredited to us. Today I am pretty nearly at a stand still from weakness. It is positively disgusting to be annoyed when one wants to do 3 men's work, but I doubt if I should be any better in Chicago. The cold spell of 3 days here did not seem to do me any good - Well the rheumatism is gone or so nearly gone that is it not considered. Miss Boxheimer is in Chgo now at 3327 Armour she seems very much discouraged - I wish you would see her or write her to see you - Of course I know you are very busy now - unless your school closes this week - then this letter will find you done for the summer. Should I decide to come up to Chgo for 2 months

I would have to wait until this trouble is checked before taking a car ride.

Mr. Brown paid month's rent for an office at 108 St Charles St for the Phantan [?] Desk and Mapsales. Happened to strike a bargain and we shall of course advertise some

The Dixie Musical Agency
24 Gravier Street, New Orleans.
Everything in the Line of Music.
Return in Five Days.
Mrs. Mary Darrow Olson
6030 Monroe Ave.
Chicago Ill.
If not there try 6030 Jeff. Ave.