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Clarence Darrow to Jennie Darrow Moore, December 30, 1913

Letter was written in either 1912 or 1913. Darrow''s first trial for bribery was from May 24, 1912 through August 16, 1912. His second trial for bribery was from January 29, 1913 through March 8, 1913.

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Dear Jennie -

If the flat is not rented & we are obliged to store the goods take th send the following sets to Adair's book Store (2d hand) 43 Van Buren St. I think they will send for them - & let them sell them on Commission. Smollet & Humes History of England. - "Edmund Burkes Works." Franklins works - The fine Edition of Walt Whitman. - None of these are of any value - If you want any of them take them - Then if Miss Carlin - Miss Wood - Jessie or any of our other friends want to take any of them on storage & any of our things it will pain that

much bother of storage - Vaughn is a piker & I don't like to let him chissel me out of $100 though I might some one else. If you can't [?] it furnished let the owner take it, though I would rather to keep it. I am feeling hopeful about things - though I, may loose, but somehow that doesn't look so bad, I am really convinced that it would do me good - though I don't want it— Any how it will be all right however it turns. My health was never better than now.

Your brother