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Clarence Darrow to D. C. Stephenson, July 21, 1931

Image provided by the Indiana State Library.

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1537 E. 60th

July 21st, 1931

Dear Mr. Stephenson

Your letter duly received. Even if I wanted to help a newspaper, and there are some, I would like to help, even if I wanted too, I could not for a moment consider anyone but you -- otherwise, I could not have entered your case. A lawyer should forget his own interests in the service of his client and I am sure I have always done it. Of course, I want the paper to give you a fair show., sometime but if that happens it can not be by playing favorites. it must be done openly. Of course, the first question is getting you out of your trouble.

I think I am justified in saying that I have been very much impressed with your straight forward way of talking and looking at life. It is quite unusual for one in your station, I don't want to over state anything but I feel that you have the right attitude toward life. There is no other w way to play the game. People do not care for denials or explanations. All of them have plenty to explain themselves. I have had several very nice and intelligent letters about you which I will show you when I come which will probably be sometime this week. A man who cannot learn something by such an experience as you have had, could not be helped by anything.

With kind regards,

Clarence Darrow