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D. C. Stephenson to Clarence Darrow, April 26, 1930

Image provided by the Indiana State Library.

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April 26, 1930

Mr. Clarence Darrow, Esq.

1537 East 60th Street

Chicago, Illinois

My dear Mr. Darrow:

Having read of your engagement to speak in New York on the 28th of April, I thought possibly some time could be saved if this letter reaches your before you come here to see me, because I neglected in my letters of April 18, and 20th to suggest that you draft a power of attorney so absolute in character that no question may be raised concerning your authority to proceed in my name in any business or financial matter. Another power of attorney, to be filed in court, should be equally wide in scope, for there will be no "hobbles" attached to your authority, if you take up my legal fight. Heretofore, I have been very exacting in power of attorney to lawyers (so-called) who have been connected with this case, but no such restriction will be plced on you. Satisfactory explanation will be made of the foregoing suggestions when we have an opportunity to discuss reasons.

If there will be delay in your coming to see me please be so kind as to acknowledge this letter as soon as possible and tell me when you will see me.

Yours truly,

D. C. Stephenson