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Davis Hamerstrom to Clarence Darrow, October 2, 1936

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Dear Uncle Clarence

I'm writing to thank you for the gift that makes it possible for me to go back to school this year. I had planned to stay out in hope of finding so architectural work but I know that Mother and Dad are as glad as I am that I'm able to continue school. I'm tickled to pieces about it, and will certainly try my darndest to make the sacrifice seem worth-while to you and Aunt Ruby and Mother + Dad.

This is the most instructive and interesting year of the course and will enable me to really dig into the heart of the subject. I will get some very practical courses in modern methods of construction and have an opportunity (for which I have waited four years) to do some research on my own work [book?]. After my vacation out your way this summer I feel pretty pepped

up and ready to start work.

Thanks again for the opportunity.

Hope I can get out and see you again


Davis Hamerstrom