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Sinclair Lewis to Clarence Darrow, April 17, 1926

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The Ambassador
On Broadway at Knickerbocker Place
Kansas City, Missouri
April 17th, 1926.
Owned and operated by
The Ambassador Realty Company
Barney Goodman, President
Harry L. Jacobs, Treasurer

Dear Clarence:

I doubt like Hell my being able to go down to the Ozarks with you. Partly it is because you are a damned blasphemer of the true Word of God and partly it is because just now I am planning to start for England about the middle of May and I will have to be hustling to get things done before I go. In fact, I may leave here the first week in May.

Why don't you come over to England next summer and see a civilized country.*


Sinclair Lewis

Mr. Clarence Darrow,
Chicago Temple Bldg.,
77 W. Washington Street,

* + watch me work on the benevolent preacher book.

© 2008 JP Morgan Chase, Administrator de Bonis Non, Estate of Sinclair Lewis