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Irene C. McLaughlin to Clarence Darrow, August 9, 1934

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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Darrow:

The colored musicians of America have undertaken to present the story of their race in terms of music, in a grand spectacle, entitled "O, SING A NEW SONG", at Soldier Field, on August 25th.

The Board of Directors of the event, including such people as Rufus Dawes; Mr. Willoughby Walling; Dr. B. W. Van Riper, State Director of the CWES; Mr. A. L. Foster of the Urban League and Mr. Noble Sissle, have called upon me to assist them. More than 5,000 colored folk will take part in the show, and some of the most renowned artists of the race will participate in the spectacle.

At their request, I have undertaken to make a list of patrons and patronesses for the event, and accordingly, I have two questions to ask:

First: Will you and Mrs. Darrow serve as patron and patroness for the spectacle?

Second: Will you and Mrs. Darrow, or either of you, attend a luncheon to be tendered the patrons and patronesses in the College Inn, of the Hotel Sherman, at twelve thirty P.M., Wednesday, August 15th, at which time Mr. Sissle will give us a complete picture of the production?

The proceeds of the ticket sales will go to provide worthy negro musicians with scholarships with which to continue their studies. A contribution by the Rosenwald Fund assures production of the show.

This splendid effort on the part of the colored musicians, I am sure you will agree, is most deserving. Will you let me know if you will lend your name, without further obligation, to this occasion, and whether or not you can be with us at the luncheon on Wednesday?

Sincerely yours,

Irene C. McLaughlin

Mrs. Frefederic McLaughlin

Box 765,

Lake Forest, Illinois