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H. L. Mencken to Clarence Darrow, April 17, 1926

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H. L. Mencken, Editor, Alfred A. Knoff, Publisher, Samuel Knoff, Business Manager

The American Mercury
730 Fifth Avenue
New York

Cables: Knoff, New York

Telephone: Circle 7670,7675

April 17,


Dear Mr. Darrow:

Thanks very much for your note. The scientists, I believe, are carrying on a very ineffective defence. My feeling is that they should abandon the defence altogether and take the offensive. To this end, I am printing the enclosed article in the Mercury for May. Whether or not the Comstocks will bar it from the mails I don't know. They are trying hard to punish us but with the aid of God, Hays and the good luck of the sinful, we hope to beat them in the end.

In a few days, I'll send you a circular showing the present legal situation. Hays is going into the Federal Court in New York on Monday to try to get a review of the backhanded and outrageous proceedings of the Postoffice Department. Whether we win or lose, the record will make interesting writing reading. I am going to print it in full.

Your onslaught on the eugenists will be the leading article in the June number. I have just read it again in proof. It is superb stuff and I believe that it will produce a tremendous discussion.


H. L. Mencken