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Charlotte Teller to Clarence Darrow, June 15, 1905

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Chicago Beach Hotel
Office Of The Manager

Chicago, June 15, 1905.

My Dear Mr. Darrow:-

I had hoped to come into the office and see you before leaving, but I find that it is impossible to do so. I wanted to tell you that I think your story is very wonderful- a masterpiece of its kind- and I am taking the liberty of carrying the manuscript with me for Mr. Ridgeway to read. It is, of course, as you know, not in any possible way a serial, because the intensity of the narrative, lasting as it does through one night, could not hold over from month to month, but it does not seem to me that it will go far in begging a publication. I shall have to think still worse of the publisher's stupidity if it is out six weeks before acceptance. My mother read it with the same intensity that I did, and says she thinks there is nothing like it in the English language. There are two or three places where I have wondered if you have been quite true to the man's vocabulary, but I fancy that those lapses into literary English you are conscious of yourself and will correct later.

If you come to New York this summer be sure and come and see me.

I am hoping all sorts of good things from Mayor Dunne, whom I met the other day. After all Chicago has more promise in it than any other town in the country.

Again thanking you for letting me read your story, I remain,

Very sincerely,

Charlotte Teller

Mr. Clarence Darrow,

Ashland Block,