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Clarence Darrow to Thomas A. Nixon, September 20, 1923

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September 20, 1923.

Mr. Thomas A. Nixon,

Greeley, Colorado.

My dear Mr. Nixon:-

I have been out of town for some time and for that reason I have not answered your letter.

I talked with Judge Jacobs about the matter when I was there. My suggestion was along the line that if he would go into it and it looked feasible and Paul was interested, I would be willing to take a substantial interest. However, I would think that Judge Jacob's interest in the matter would be of prime importance. I have an impression also that the location will not do. It should be on a corner. When I was there I think there was a corner store vacant and perhaps Mr. Jacobs could get the proper place in his building.

I will write Paul about it and you might take it up with him.

I will probably be there during the holidays. We could then go over the question, but I would want Mr. Jacobs in it if I went in.

Very truly yours,