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Henre S. Bacher to Ruby and Clarence Darrow, September 27, 1931

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Henre S. Bacher
1088 Boulevard
Bayonne, N.J.

Dear Ruby and Clarence Darrow,

We returned home from Garrison last Sunday, and found three months dust on every blessed thing---and your clippings.

And now that I have more or less conquered the dust, and just finished the very pleasant task of maid hunting, I can xxx turn to more agreeable things.

Thanks for sending the clippings. It enabled us, in a small measure to enjoy your success with you. Perhaps soon, God willing, (phrase quite appropriate, this being Sunday), we will be able to send you clippings---for Bill is working on a talkie version of the "Cabinet of Dr. Caligari." It ought to be finished in about six weeks.

But as enthralled and tippy-toed as friend husband is about this picture, I must let you in on a little secret. Bill has a secret passion, and that secret passion has something to do with you. And if all the doors are closed, and no one can hear us, I'll let you in on it.


(pacing up and down, right hand on right cheek, left hand upholding elbow, engaged in in deep thought)

Inquiring wife

What's bothering you now?


Well---I just read that Darrow is considering the probability of doing a crime picture. He knows that subject, if anyone does. And I'd give a year of my past, present, or future, to furnish the drama and continuity. Geez, what a picture we could make!

And then and there, I resolved to tell you about it, since xxx you were responsible for it.

When are you coming to town again? I hope soon. How we'd love to see you both. And I've got a good cook too, so do come.

Hope you are both well.


Bill & Henre Bacher

P.S. Sunday, October 4th, over WABC, at 9:30, the Phantom Ship will be broadcast. Alice Brady in the leading role. And of course, Bill wrote it. So listen in, if you have xxx nothing worse to do.

September 27th,