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W.H. (Harry) Dehm to Clarence Darrow, August 5, 1913.

Dehm is referring to whether District Attorney Fredericks will drop the charges against Darrow instead of trying him in a third bribery trial. Dehm's reference to Joe Ford is to W. Joseph Ford, an assistant district attorney in Los Angeles County who helped Fredericks prosecute Clarence Darrow in the first bribery trial and assisted Wheaton Gray prosecute him during the second bribery trial.

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Earl Rogers
Counselor at Law
California Building, Broadway and Second Street
Los Angeles

August 5, 1913.

Clarence Darrow, Esq.,

Ashland Block,

Chicago, Ills.,

My Dear Mr. Darrow:-

I finally succeeded in having a talk with District Attorney Fredericks about your case. He assured me that it would not be very long until the matter would be disposed of--meaning thereby that it would be dismissed. He said that he intended making an eastern trip very soon and that if he did he would stop in Chicago and have a talk with you.

He wants to be assured, he said, that when your case is dismissed it will be the final wind up of all the troubles arising out of the dynamiting and labor cases.

He said that he had received a letter from you and had dictated an answer, but when he learned that he would probably have to go east he didn''t send the letter, preferring to talk to with personally in Chicago. In any event, he stated that it would not be long before the entire matter was wiped out.

Joe Ford had his collar bone broken some time ago and has not been at the office, so I had no chance to see him.

We certainly enjoyed our short stay in Chicago and, the pleasure which we received from your entertainment will remain with us for a long time. Both Mrs. Dehm and myself have frequently spoken of it since our return.

We are having three days of hot weather in Los Angeles with the thermometer up in the 90?s in the daytime.

Earl is in pretty good shape just now and is engaged in the trial of the Patrietti murder case, which will probably last for a week or more.

We all join in cordial greetings to you and Mrs. Darrow, and if at any time we can do any favor for you don?t hesitate to ask us.

Very cordially,

W. H. Dehm


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