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Carl Laemmle to Clarence Darrow, March 1, 1932

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Universal Pictures Corporation
730 Fifth Avenue
New York

Carl Laemmle


March 1, 1932

Mr Clarence Darrow

1537 East 60th Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Mr Darrow:

I was greatly pleased to receive from your publishers a copy of your autobiography "The Story Of My Life", which you so kindly autographed personally to me. I have already read the first part of this book and it interested me greatly. Please accept my sincerest thanks for your thoughtfulness in sending the copy to me.

I am taking this opportunity to send you a copy of my autobiography which was written recently by Mr. John Drinkwater, which I have autographed to you. I hope it will afford you much interest when you are able to read it during your leisure moments.

Cordially yours,

Carl Laemmle