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Lewis E. Lawes to Clarence Darrow, January 18, 1931

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Lewis E. Lawes

State of New York
Department of Correction
Sing Sing Prison
Jan. 18, 1931.

My dear Mr. Darrow:-

Of course, you are welcome to make use of anything in my book that may be of service to you. I shall be glad to have an autographed copy of your book. In exchange I shall be happy to send you one of mine--a new one to be published by Ray Long, formerly editor of the Cosmopolitan, and which is scheduled to appear during the latter part of March. It's title is "Twenty Thousand Years in Sing Sing." You will be interested to know that you are one of the high lights of the book in which I venture to comment on your philosophy of life. And so, though these greetings go forth from scribe to scribe, it is always as a friend that you occupy a large share of my thoughts and a goodly portion of my heart.

Faithfully yours,

L.E. Lawes

Clarence Darrow, Esquire

1537 East 60th Street,

Chicago Ill.