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Oscar De Priest to Clarence Darrow, December 21, 1931

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Congress of the United States
House of Representatives
Washington, D.C.
Oscar De Priest
1st Illinois District
Morris Lewis

House Office Building
Room 135

December 21, 1931

Clarence S. Darrow Esq.,

1537 East 60th Street,

Chicago, Illinois,

Dear Friend:-

I take this means of conveying to you, in a simple but warm hearted way, my greeting for Christmas and the New Year.

Amidst the vicissitudes and labors of the present, we can but look to the future with a full measure of prospective solace at least in the belief that there is a silver lining behind every cloud.

Let our holiday motto be "Each for all and all for each," thus lightening the burden during this economic depression.

Accept, therefore, my dear friend, my highest regards and best wishes, and believe me to be

Sincerely yours,

Oscar De Priest

My dear Friend:-

On Tuesday night, December 29th, I am giving a luncheon in the dining room of Wendell Phillips High School in honor of the barbers and the beauty culturists of my district.

Will you not only be present yourself but ask each barber and beauty culturist in your neighborhood to be present,


The Business and Professional Men and Women's Oscar De Priest for Congress Club have organized and will give a large reception for Mrs. De Priest and myself on Wednesday night the 30th, at the 8th Regiment Armory.

Since they are giving this reception in our honor, I would like to a see a large crowd present. I am, therefore, asking you to invite everyone in your block and precinct, also all friends that you might know, to be present. There will be good music and refreshments to provide a pleasant evening.

Very truly yours,

Oscar De Priest

Congress of the United States
House of Representatives
Official Business Free
Clarence S. Darrow Esq.,
1537 East 60th Street,
Chicago, Illinois