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Harry E. Barnes to Clarence Darrow, October 31, 1932

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Harry Elmer Barnes
Van Tassel Apartments
New York
October 31, 1932

R.F.D 6 New York

My dear Mr. Darrow:

I saw yesterday a pre-showing of the picture "The Fugitive" which is about to be released by Warner Bros. It is not only the best prison movie I have ever seen, but in many ways the most gripping picture I have ever looked at on the screen. I am sure it will move you very deeply.

My friend, Mr. Charles Curran is coming to Chicago some time within the next two weeks. He tells me he will be glad to provide a special showing of this picture for you and Mrs. Darrow and any of your friends. I can urge you quite sincerely to attend if it is convenient. If you do not agree with my appraisal of the film I shall certainly merit resentment and content.

Cordially yours,

Harry E. Barnes

Clarence Darrow, Esq.

1537 East 60th Street

Chicago, Ill.