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Philip F. La Follette to Clarence Darrow, October 26, 1931

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State of Wisconsin
Executive Office
October 26, 1931

Mr. Clarence Darrow

539 Morrison Hotel

Chicago, Illinois

Dear Clarence Darrow:

I find I have been considerably delayed in answering your letter of October 13th, but I was uncertain about the date. I think either Thursday, November 12th, or Saturday November 14th, would be satisfactory for an evening engagement as far as I am concerned.

I would appreciate having my talk limited to about fifteen minutes and I would then like to introduce Mr. William T. Evjue and have him tell the story of his success in building up the Madison Capital Times. He has been through a hard fight here and is familiar with the difficulties of liberal journalism.

At the dinner perhaps we will have a chance to talk over some of the possibilities of the coming session of Congress.

With kindest personal regards,

Faithfully yours,

Philip F. La Follette