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Fred Hamerstrom to Clarence Darrow, October 2, 1936

Fred's reference to Davis is to his son Davis Hamerstrom.

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Friday Oct 2/36
Dear Clarence

Although Davis has, I believe, acknowledged the receipt of CK I also want to register my appreciation. We had despaired of getting him back to school this fall but since you and Ruby wish it, as well being the wish dearest to Helen and to me, we take the gamble and have let him start off. He was set to hunt a job and help provide but is mighty glad that he is going back. He feels that you, Ruby, his mother and dad, his teachers, all want him to go through with it & so-with us see he takes the step. xxx I feel he will strive mightily to do credit to the faith we all have in him and to reciprocate the love bestowed and sacrifices made. We will all at this end do everything we can to keep together and to somehow make out without his possible earnings. It may be tight going or even more than we can accomplish but the effort is worth while & we are hoping that matters will work out Somehow.


After all the times you have come to our rescue I feel at a loss to adequately express or make clear the appreciation we feel. Helen is most grateful. It has been so uppermost with her that Davis should graduate and round out his course that nothing seemed to matter so much. I did not fully realize how hard it would go with her to have Davis to miss out. There is of course no telling what might have happened had he interrupted the studies at this time, so we are all the more grateful to you. Thank you with all our hearts. I'm hoping that we can write news of progress and better days for us - from time to time. How we all wish that we could see you & be with you - but only in fit condition, to cheer and be good company.

Much love,


Mr. Clarence S Darrow

1537 East 60th St