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Genevieve Forbes Herrick to Clarence Darrow, April 18, 1930

Genevieve Forbes Herrick, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, interviewed Al Capone when he got out of prison.

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Dorset, Vermont


Dear Clarence Darrow:-

Geography is such a gloomy guardian of poor, struggling authors, that, being in faraway Vermont, we couldnt get to Chicago to sit at your birthday table and tell you again how deep is our affection for you, and listen to your words of sagacious simplicity. You know, of course, how very much we would liked to have been there. But from chilly Vermont, please accept our warm regards and every good wish for the coming year.

I was home for a few weeks in March but spent most of my time with Al Capone and the Widow Murphy-Oberta, tapering off with a glorious week of campaigning with Ruth McCormick. Vermont has beautiful scenery and all that, but it can't give me the thrill that a Halstead street car or the Detective bureau gives me.

Not so long ago I sold a story to

the Red Book. It is called "Blah" and is suppose to be a satire on the type of murder trial where the assistant state's attorney beats the table and yells, "This is the wu-ur-ust crime in all history" etc., In one paragraph I pay my humble but sincere respects to you.-- Of course this is all subtle propaganda to have you buy every copy of the Red Book until "Blah" appears. That will increase the circulation, that ought to increase the price they pay to authors - - and, the circle is vicious and xxx obvious, as you can see. ANYWAY, whether you spend your hours haunting news-stands, or not, I want you to know that one more crime is now laid up against you - - your view-point xxx motivates much of what I am trying to write. I hope I write better than I typewrite, don't you?

John and I send you affectionate birthday greetings, and send Ruby affectionate wishes,

as ever,

Genevieve Forbes Herrick