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Katherine Mayo to Clarence Darrow, February 16, 1928

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Bedford Hills,   New York

Dear Mr Darrow: Way back in the year 1910, I came to Chicago, on behalf of the late Mr Horace White, to bother you with questions about Senator Trumbull. You were very good to me indeed. And when we parted you said to me: "If ever you need a friend, come to me."

I don't "need a friend" in the common usage of the phrase, for I am in no sort of straits or difficulties. On the contrary. But I have found my own place & my job in life, & have now gone far enough on that road to feel a little isolated,& to feel too, the impulse to take my bearings from people who - people like you. And there seems to be so few

of these.. Most people hedge.

I expect to go to Chicago Kenosha, to spend two or three days with Mr Charles Brown (who is, I know, a friend of yours) arriving March 5th, Monday. If it were possible & agreeable for you to have lunch with me at the Blackstone that day, or to arrange another hour, I should be glad indeed. Or, if that may not be, I could manage to arrive in Chicago on Sunday 4th, if that is better. - Meantime, may I send you my latest book & brickbat-collector, Mother India ?

Yours Sincerely

Katherine Mayo