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Algernon Sidney Crapsey to Clarence Darrow, December 30, 1924

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678 Averil Avenue

Rochester, N.Y.

Dec 30


My Dear Darrow,

I have read and re-read your moving appeal for the salvation of Loeb and Leopold from the death sentence and their imprisonment for life. As far as the boys themselves are concerned it seems to me that the death sentence were the more merciful but in the interest of the state the sentence given is far wiser. As for the family, I would hesitate to say which were better. The families must endure for years and years a living shame which will darken their lives and make death welcome. I wish you or someone equally able would take up the question of capital punishment - indeed of all punishment and show how futile it is to solve the problem of crime. I want to express to you my delight at your visit to my home and my equal delight in your screaming debate.

Ever sincerely,

Algernon S. Crapsey

Clarence Darrow Esq.

140 Dearborn St

Chicago, Ill.