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Sinclair Lewis to Clarence Darrow, May 10, 1926

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The Ambassador
On Broadway at Knickerbocker Place
Kansas City, Missouri
May 10, 1926.
Owned and operated by
The Ambassador Realty Company
Barney Goodman, President
Harry L. Jacobs, Treasurer

Dear Clarence:-

I understand by the public prints that you are discoursing sweet eloquence here next Sunday evening. I am leaving the next morning for Northern Minnesota and it will be my last chance to see you for God knows how long. Can't you arrange to have a party with me after the debate -- we will have Burris Jenkins and Earl Blackman (Burris' assistant) along, if you would like.

Please let me know by wire, as soon as possible, so that I may plan for the party. I'll be down at the church to hear you and pick you up after the debate if you can make it.


Sinclair Lewis

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