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Theodore Francis Powys to Clarence Darrow, November 2, 1929

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East Chaldow
November 2nd 1929

Dear Mr. Darrow,

Thank you very much indeed for sending me copies of T.P's Weekly. I am sure it was very kind of you to bring my stories to the notice of your friend Mr. O'Connor. I am glad that 'The left-leg' pleased him so well. It is nice

that in this last number of his paper so distinguished a man as T.P. O'Connor should give his benediction to my work. We often talk of your visit to us and send to yourself and to Mrs. Darrow our very best wishes.

I am very sincerely

Theodore Francis Powys

To C Darrow
[Photograph of Theodore Francis Powys]
Theodore Francis Powys
Mr. Clarence Darrow
Hotel Metropole