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Mother Jones to Clarence Darrow, May 14, 1920

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Charlestown, W.Va., May 14th, 1920.

Mr. Clarence Darrow,

Attorney at Law,

Chicago, Ill.

My Dear Darrow=

Permit to express to you my deep appreciation for your kindly consideration of me on my 90th milestone entrance. They have indeed Mr. Darrow, stormy days, they have been long years of persecution and assessination of the slimy pen of man whose mothers forgot to inject into their bosom the principal of manhood and humane consideration.

However, I have trampled over stormy path-ways, and it has been the word of encouragement xxx come from such souls as you, that have lighted the way when it seemed dark. It seems a gift of providence to give us such human souls in our hour of trial. I have always felt that when all the world got dark there was one I could always go to and that was to Clarence Darrow.

I shall be in Chicago next week, and hope to have the pleasure of seeing you. I neither can convey by words or pen my deep emotion when your telegram was handed to me while I was speaking of an army of oppressed slaves in the Northern coal fields of West Virginia. It gave me new life and new inspiration, and I have felt younger since than I have in many years.

With my deep love for you and regard to you and Mrs. Darrow, I remain,

Most sincerely yours,

Mother Jones