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Brand Whitlock to Clarence Darrow, July 17, 1919

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American Legation
17 July 1919

My Dear Clarence-

I have come upon these unpublished poems by A.E. Hausman, which I send you herewith; Knowing that they will interest you and perhaps give you a mournful pleasure, or a pleasant mournfulness. Housman gave this to a friend of mine. I send you also one of his submissions stuck in my house by his


I have so often recalled and with great pleasure, the little visit that you [?} me at [St.?] {Andrews?]. It was all short, but the afterglow remained a long time. It brought back old and happier days when this world and we were young and romantic, and not old and realistic as now. I wish that I might see you now and then and exchange impressions of reformers and such like, and of this strange [?] even though there is nothing to be done about it

We hope to get away toward the end of the summer for a holiday in America.

By the way, did you ever see "The Note Books of Samuel Butler" - by the author of The Way of All Flesh? It is a collection of notes on all sorts of subjects jotted down by him - and very interesting.

Ever your friend

Brand Whitlock

I learned the books by heart. I [?] that you recommended. They are full of truth.

American Legation

Brussels, Belgium

Hon Clarence S Darrow

140 North Dearborn Street