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Dr. Horace J. Bridges to Clarence Darrow, December 21, 1931

The Henry Booth House was established in Chicago in May of 1898 by the Ethical Humanist Society. It was named for the Society's first president, Judge Henry Booth. The purpose was to improve living conditions in the surrounding neighborhood, promote good citizenship, strengthen family life and a sense of community, and also to enrich the lives of the House's staff. The Henry Booth House is still in existence. See

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The Chicago Ethical Society
Dr. Horace J. Bridges, Leader
Suite 1618
203 N. Wabash Ave.
Telephone State 7362

Chicago, Ill. Dec. 21 1931

Dear Mr. Darrow,

For myself, and on behalf of all my colleagues of Henry Booth House, I want to thank you most heartily for the great service you so generously did us by taking part in the debate.

You will be pleased to learn that we shall have at least $750 to hand over to the Settlement, & probably nearly $800, after paying expenses, when the smoke has cleared.

I shall be glad to do as much for any good cause you are interested in, any time you may call upon me. I wish there were greater differences between us, so that we could debate more easily; but like Bill and John Sterling, we shall "never differ except in opinion."

With cordial regards to Mrs. Darrow and yourself, & all best wishes for Christmas & the New Year,

Yours gratefully,

Horace J. Bridges

After 5 days, return to


203 N. Wabash Ave.,


Clarence Darrow, Esq.

1537 East 60th St.,