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Robert M. La Follette to Clarence Darrow, April 28, 1924

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United States Senate
Committee on Manufactures
Robert M. La Follette, Wis. Chairman
Chas. L. McNary, Oreg.
Ellison D. Smith, S.C.
William B. McKinley, Ill.
James A. Reed, MO.
Ovington E. Weller, MD.
William J. Harris, GA.
David A. Reed, PA.
Edward I. Edwards, NJ.
Smith W. Brookhart, Iowa.
Burton K. Wheeler, Mont.
Magnus Johnson, Minn.
Robert M. La Follette, Jr., Clerk.

April 28, 1924

Mr Clarence Darrow

1310 Dearborn St., Chicago, Ill.

Dear Mr Darrow:

I greatly appreciate your splendid letter of March 18th. It is good to know that friends all over the country are watching with such intelligent interest the many developments in Washington.

You may be assured that the real progressives in Congress are not blind to the far-reaching results which are likely to arise from some of the sensational developments of recent months.

It must now be clear to everyone that during recent years their government at Washington has not been operated in the interest of the people, but rather in the interests of special privilege and private monopoly.

I believe I know the American people well enough to be sure that they will not willingly permit such a condition to continue.

It is not yet clear just what developments will result from the political and economical chaos which has been created, but you may be assured that careful consideration is being given to all the factors in the situation.

Sincerely yours,

Robert M. LaFollette