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William Jennings Bryan to Clarence Darrow, March 29, 1902

Bryan's statement about a "fund for Mrs. Altgeld" is a reference to the widow of John Peter Altgeld who died on March 12, 1902. John Peter Altgeld, who served as governor of Illinois from 1893 until 1897, was Clarence Darrow's mentor.

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The Commoner.
William J. Bryan
Editor and Proprietor.

Lincoln, Nebr., March 29, 1902

Hon. C.S. Darrow,


My dear Mr Darrow:

Your favor at hand. I told Mr. Prentiss to put down a hundred dollars for me when you are ready to raise the fund for Mrs. Altgeld. If you desire that the matter be mentioned in the newspaper I shall be glad to call attention to the subject and give the name of the committee in charge. I do not know how much can be raised in Nebraska. You of course realize that we lost most of our "conservative" men in '96, and those who have come back since then are just as conservative as they were before. A great deal more can be raised in small subscriptions I imagine, than in large ones.

If you are not going to have any public notice given of the matter I will write letters to a number of our democrats and populists and call their attention to the subject. Mr. Ellwood S. Corser would be a good man to look after collection in that neighborhood.

Very truly yours,

W.J. Bryan

Return in Ten Days to
P.O. Box 563
Lincoln, Neb.
Hon. C. S. Darrow,
1202 Ashland Block

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