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Hamlin Garland to Clarence Darrow, January 3, 1905

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6016 Jackson Park, Or

Dear Mr. Darrow,

I want to say again how much I like your book. I have read parts of it aloud again and again. So admirable is the choice of words. I sincerely hope you will carry the book forward. I very much want to see you to xxx talk with you about your literary future . This book seems to me an [?] of something larger and [?] to come— I go to New York again for a three week stay but I want to see you when I come back—or before I go— I wish you could come to see us here some evening. Do you come out this way? Our phone is 936 Hyde Park. I do not find your home number in the directory.

With sincere well wishes,

From your friend,

Hamlin Garland

Jan 3.

Hamlin Garland

Clarence Darrow Esq.

Ashland Block